USM is a major shareholder in Russia's number one internet company Mail.Ru Group.
  • USM’s diverse asset portfolio includes Mail.Ru Group, one of Russia’s largest internet companies.


    Mail.Ru Group is a leader in the Russian-speaking internet market. The company holds the lead in Russian desktop and mobile internet services and its products reach approximately 94% of Russian internet users on a monthly basis. Russia has the largest number of internet users in Europe.

  • In line with its ‘communitainment’ strategy, the company operates an integrated communications and entertainment platform, comprising the following: Mail.Ru, Russia’s leading e-mail service and one of the country’s biggest internet portals; VKontakte (VK) and Odnoklassniki (ОК), two of the largest Russian-language social networks; several instant messaging platforms; Russia’s top online games business; and Delivery Club and ZakaZaka, two of the leading Russian food tech companies. In addition, the Group recently acquired the car market website, the car-sharing service BeepCar and the online marketplace Youla.

  • VKontakte is Russia’s largest social network with over 400 million registered accounts. It is visited by 94 million users every month. The average Russian mobile internet user spends 25% of their total time online on the VK app.

  • Odnoklassniki is the second-largest Russian-language social network with 69 million monthly active users. OK is the leading social network in Russia by video views and unique audience visits and one of the most popular websites in the country in terms of average time spent per user.

  • Mail.Ru Group’s portfolio also includes TamTam, a new messaging service, as well as Agent Mail.Ru and ICQ, two other instant messaging platforms that are popular in Russia and the CIS region. The platforms offer a range of services including text, voice and video calls, file sharing, free SMS messaging and more.

  • The company owns the Mail.Ru internet portal, which includes the market-leading free e-mail provider and the third most popular search engine among private Russian-speaking internet users, as well as e-commerce users.

  • Following the acquisition of Delivery Club at the end of 2016, Mail.Ru Group acquired ZakaZaka, the second-largest food tech company in Russia, at the beginning of 2017. Delivery Club and ZakaZaka’s combined network currently exceeds 6,200 restaurants in Russia and receives on average more than 735,000 orders per month.

  • Another significant acquisition for Mail.Ru Group was Youla, a location-based marketplace, which saw very strong user growth in 2016. This trend has continued in 2017, with a new high of 4 million daily active users across all platforms in August of this year.

  • In 2017, Mail.Ru Group acquired, one of the largest Russian car market websites.

  • Mail.Ru Group is the leader in the interactive entertainment market in Eastern Europe, uniting the best developers of client- and browser-based multiplayer online games, as well as games for social networks and mobile devices. It offers more than 50 leading online games, including a series of popular games developed in-house, such as Hawk, Skyforge, Evolution: Battle for Utopia, Evolution: Heroes of Utopia, Juggernaut Wars, Jungle Heat, Legend: Legacy of the Dragons and Allods Online, along with the favourite international online blockbusters Warface, Armored Warfare, ArcheAge, CrossFire, Perfect World, Revelation and others.

  • Internationally, Mail.Ru Group is developing, a mobile communications and entertainment services start-up based in Silicon Valley. The platform now includes the myMail, myGames and MAPS.ME apps and is launching products in the United States, Europe and other markets.

  • The company also owns Pixonic, the mobile games developer, and holds a number of small venture capital investments in various internet companies in Russia, Ukraine and Israel.

  • USM’s shareholding in Mail.Ru Group is through its holding in MegaFon. Mail.Ru Group’s main shareholders are MegaFon, MIH and Tencent, and the company’s free float is 49.8%. The company’s global depositary receipts are traded on the London Stock Exchange under the ticker MAIL.