USM is committed to acting in the long-term interests of all its stakeholders. Corporate social responsibility and environmental factors are a core component of its business, from investment analysis through to decision-making. USM's key companies are actively involved in the life of the regions where they operate, including through the implementation of significant social projects.
  • The main objectives of MegaFon’s CSR activity are providing systematic and effective assistance in solving acute social problems within Russia, relying on professional knowledge and experience, as well as the development of “smart” charity that achieves social results in the country.
  • MegaFon’s Charitable Committee has been active since 2013. It coordinates all of the company’s social initiatives, reviews and approves projects, tracks their implementation and evaluates their social impact. In 2017, MegaFon renewed its charity policy, which identified the key areas of the company’s aid:
  • • The creation of an accessible digital environment (creating specialist solutions for target groups, ensuring the availability of connectivity and technologies for volunteering organisations, introducing digital fundraising tools)
  • • Development of IT skills among talented young people (developing innovative educational programmes; developing of specialised online services to improve the accessibility of education; motivational programmes for pupils, students and teachers; programmes for professional orientation)
  • • Help for orphans (support in social adaptation, supporting placement in families, raising the level of education, help in choosing a profession and employment)
  • • Support for people with disabilities (overcoming barriers in interacting with society and in social adaptation, assistance in receiving additional education and seeking employment).
  • Since its foundation, MegaFon has focused its CSR activities on sports. It is a General Partner of Russia's Olympic and Paralympic Committees and the national Olympic and Paralympic teams. The company was also a General Partner of the XXII Winter Olympic and XI Paralympic Games in Sochi, and successfully organised 5G testing zones in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kazan during the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.
  • MegaFon is a Partner of the Russian national football team, the Russian Football Union, the Russian national, youth and women's hockey teams, the Hockey Federation of Russia, the Continental Hockey League Championship, the Russian Biathlon Union, the Russian National Volleyball Federation, the Russian National Federation of Rhythmic Gymnastics, and the International Fencing Federation.
  • It was a general partner and the official mobile operator of the XXVII World Summer Universiade in Kazan, the largest international sporting event for students.
  • MegaFon is an organiser of "The future depends on you", an annual Russian open football championship for orphans. The company supports a number of Paralympic disciplines and events, including Russia's sledge hockey team, the Russian bocce championship and the annual MegaFon DreamCup wheelchair tennis tournament.
  • In 2019, MegaFon supported 16 charitable programmes in the 78 regions where it operates, with a total budget of around 175.1 million roubles and around 25,000 beneficiaries. Over 53% of the budget was allocated to priority programmes of developing an accessible digital and educational environment. Six digital products have been created as a part of this. MegaFon’s programme for the teenage professional self-determination, “Join in and be successful!”, won the 12th annual contest of the People Investor corporate projects in the category “Local Community Development”.
  • Group uses its technology and experience in creating widely accessible internet services for the development of social projects in Russia. The company incorporates CSR elements into its key products and also implements its own infrastructure projects for the development of charity and multimedia culture in the country. The most famous product of this kind is the project for smart and honest charities Dobro Mail.Ru, created by the company’s employees in 2013. It allows internet users from all over Russia to easily take part in charitable activities through giving one-off or regular donations. Dobro currently hosts 187 vetted charity funds.
  • VK is actively developing its infrastructure direction VKontakte Charity. Non-profit organisations (NPOs) can freely use digital tools offered by the social network to promote their communities and take up an educational programme. Odnoklassniki’s users have the ability to make donations directly to a wide range of Russian charities. The social network also regularly implements its own social projects and philanthropic initiatives in partnerships with NPOs and mainstream media. In 2019, the Citymobil ride-hailing company launched the Kind Kilometres service, providing each passenger with the option of paying a bonus trip, which the wards of partner charity funds can take advantage of.
  • Group provides non-profit organisations with access to its technologies for free or on preferential terms. As part of the Cloud for Charity Funds project from Mail.Ru Cloud Solutions, non-profit organisations that have passed Dobro Mail.Ru’s vetting process receive free IT infrastructure.
  • The company has been successfully developing IT education in Russia. Mail.Ru Group offers students the chance to receive practical knowledge during their education at university, helps schoolchildren with career guidance, organises programming Olympiads, conducts contests, meet-ups and hackathons for professionals.
  • Mail.Ru Group provides cybersecurity for its clients. The company is responsible for the protection of user information and follows the Data Use Policy. The company is also developing social projects aimed at ensuring the safety of information and prevention of cyberbullying. In particular, Group declared 11 November to be Anti-Cyberbullying Day in Russia.
  • Metalloinvest considers compliance of its activities with the principles of sustainable development as one of the key factors of maintaining long-term stability and competitiveness. The company strives to ensure the balance of interests of all stakeholders and harmoniously manage the economic, environmental and social aspects of its activity.
  • Metalloinvest’s long-term strategy is based on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and is focused on consistently improving its contribution to their achievement. Respect for human rights is a fundamental principle of Metalloinvest’s activity and the foundation of relationships between all stakeholders.
  • Metalloinvest implements a targeted policy to improve its environmental performance by consistently reducing its carbon footprint. The company regularly modernises its facilities and aims to reduce air emissions, water consumption and industrial waste.
  • Metalloinvest cares about the wellbeing of its employees and is committed to providing a safe and secure working environment, opportunities for professional development and career growth, and fair remuneration.
  • Metalloinvest is a responsible taxpayer, making a significant contribution to the wellbeing of the regions where its enterprises operate. The company implements large-scale initiatives in education, health, sports and culture as part of partnership programmes with the administrations of the Kursk, Belgorod and Orenburg regions.