USM is one of the leading investors in the technology sector. USM is a shareholder in the Centre for Research in Perspective Technologies, which is implementing a national digital product tracking and tracing system in Russia.
    • The Centre for Research in Perspective Technologies (CRPT) was created to carry out global projects in the digital economy and forms the necessary expert and technological infrastructure for this purpose. Through a public-private partnership, the Centre is establishing the unified national digital track and trace system Chestny ZNAK.
    • The system will enable the Russian goods and commodities market to become transparent and create a system guaranteeing goods’ authenticity. Chestny ZNAK is Russia’s first public-private partnership in the IT sector and the first of its kind at a federal level. Private investments into the project are expected to amount to more than 200 billion roubles over 15 years.
    • Mandatory labelling is already introduced for fur products, medicine, footwear, cigarettes and alternative tobacco products. By the end of 2020, the system will cover perfumes, photo products and tyres, and in 2021 will additionally include light industry and dairy products. The system is also being tested for labelling bottled water. At the beginning of September 2020, the Chestny ZNAK system was tracking around 20 billion codes, including more than 14 billion cigarette packets, 2.4 billion pairs of shoes, and 3 billion medicine packages. The system generates up to 1.5 million codes a minute.
  • CRPT developed digital code technology without a dedicated medium, and also has unique expertise and efficient capabilities to bring innovative technological solutions to market, provide the full cycle of the labelling process and create a national catalogue of goods. The Centre is also engaged in localising equipment production, establishing TrekMark, a joint venture with Swiss company SICPA and the Russian Direct Investment Fund.
  • CRPT is participating in the development of a labelling concept and a digital platform for the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) to ensure the free movement of goods across the Union’s internal borders and the ability to track the movement of goods from entry into circulation within the region of the EAEU to exit. Its implementation will increase tax discipline and almost completely eliminate the possibility of selling counterfeit goods on the region of the Union’s member states.